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About Augusto Velloso

An engineering office in the center of São Paulo harbors the seeds of what would become, in just a few decades, one of the most important Brazilian companies in the civil engineering sector. The vision of the future of the young entrepreneurs marks the history of the growth of the city, the state and the country.

Constant investment in competence and quality. Improvement and development of new technologies. Deep knowledge of the construction market. Careful planning of projects and exquisite execution of work plans. Thus, Augusto Velloso has accumulated tradition, competence, suitability and a multiple and diversified experience.

From the manual digging of a piece of land to the computerization of operating systems, what can be noticed is a natural course, based on seriousness and commitment to the community, customers, suppliers and the environment.

Over time, we have seen the sophistication of a scenario, which wins highways, bridges, viaducts, buildings. The refinement of the infrastructure contemplated in works of basic sanitation, urban drainage, petroleum refineries, electrical substations. Commitment to quality of life in the construction of housing estates, schools, sports centers, laboratories, residences and commercial buildings. Spaces filled with benefits, approaching and welcoming people. Works that time itself makes a point of keeping in the memory of society.

Augusto Ferreira Velloso

 He was born on May 30, 1892, in Botucatu, state of São Paulo. At the age of 10, he came to the City of São Paulo to study at the American School (now Mackenzie). Later it entered the Polytechnical School of São Paulo having graduated engineer in 1915, in full period of World War I. With the difficulties created by the war and without any service in the Engineering branch, Augusto went to carry out his activities in the city of São José do Rio Preto, performing surveying services on the Anglo Frigorifico. He was, indeed, a pioneer of this region that was then, a unspent.

In 1928, having contracted with the Railroad Sorocabana the construction of a railroad stretch between Cotia and George Oetterer ( now Iperó ), it moves to São Paulo. It was then that, along with two other members, Rosendo Bento Martinez, his father-in-law and Jarbas Cardoso Franco, his friend, founded, at that time, AUGUSTO VELLOSO & CIA LTDA, on September 18, 1928
Class of 1915 of Escola Politécnica de São Paulo.
The First on the right is Eng. Augusto Ferreira Velloso.



The beginning was modest: the first headquarters, with only two rooms, was located in the traditional Rua de São Bento, old center of the Capital of São Paulo. Dr. Augusto had only 2 employees. One of his first works was the old São Paulo-Parana road, which passed through Itararé. At the time, São Paulo had as President (now Governor), Dr. Julio Prestes. He faced difficult times, but thanks to his strength and courage, he never let down by adversity.

Soon there was the great crisis of 1929. Then came a great recession and as a consequence the moratorium. Soon after we had the revolution of 1932 when São Paulo, in only a few days, mobilized 30,000 men and all its industry. Dr. Augusto, like all São Paulo with a democratic spirit, joined the movement and, as a constitutionalist soldier, was to provide services at the IPT of the Polytechnic School, where he manufactured hand grenades and bombards for airplanes, and also participated in the construction of the famous "train Armored "of the Paulistas.

A few years later we had World War II. The Construtora returned, then its activities to the Military Engineering. Barracks, railroads and military hospitals were then built by Augusto Velloso in several Brazilian states. With the end of the Second World War, Brazil began to live an era of prosperity, thanks to large foreign reserves accumulated. On this occasion heavy industrialization began in Brazil, because the war had shown us the need to not depend on imported products. It was the era of steelmaking, petroleum, railway and automobile industry and the construction of large hydroelectric plants.

The Construtora actively participated in this phase of the history of Brazil and of so many other times of crises and prosperity that we have passed to the present day. AUGUSTO FERREIRA VELLOSO left a great lesson of love for his activity, since at the age of 80 he still personally managed the destiny of the Construtora, commanding at the time the works of water supply of the City of São Carlos. Dr. Augusto died on January 10, 1974, at the age of 81.